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Cover of Out of Breath: A Novel by Blair Richmond

Ashland Creek Press · Out of Breath: The Lithia Trilogy, Book 1 (sample)

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Cover of Out of Breath
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Release date: October 31, 2011
Reissue date: March 11, 2020
Pages: 268
Binding: 5.25 x 8 x .65
ISBN: 978-0-9796475-7-4
Age level: 12 and up

"I couldn't put it down...This is a book to add to your collection. A unique paranormal twist added into a spectacular story of an odd town with good-hearted people."

"Out of Breath far surpasses the industry standard for young adult literature, and introduces an exciting and rare form of thought-provoking subject matter into mainstream storytelling. Blair Richmond fuses an undoubtedly honed craft with vivid description, emotional characterization and development, and the subtler, yet ever-present gift of metaphor. This is what brings her voice to life."

"There’s a great ambiance to the book, creating this feeling of mystery and possibly danger around the plot … worth reading just to experience that feeling of being completely taken in by the story … Kat, the protagonist, [i]s the kind of resilient heroine that we need to keep in most young adult books. She is a fully capable young woman you immediately start cheering for."
Carabosse's Library

"[Kat] is such a great character that she's made it into my top 20 favorite heroines."

"A great story based on trying to find out who you really are, who you want to be, and how to get there."

"A green parable infused with a rich sense of place: an organically grown confection."

"Combining mystery, romance, vampires, and strong vegan and environmental messages, [Out of Breath] will have readers of light paranormal novels running to the next book in Richmond’s trilogy."

Deep in the hills of Lithia brews an epic battle between evil and nature...

Nineteen-year-old Kat Jones has been a competitive runner since she was a young girl, but after her mother’s death, the path her life was supposed to take begins to crumble around her — until one day, she finds herself on the run in a literal sense, this time in a race for her very life…

Kat’s journey takes her to the Pacific Northwest town of Lithia, the place of her last good memories, of the days when her mother was still alive. But soon after her arrival, strange things begin to happen in Lithia — and when one of her new friends disappears under mysterious circumstances, Kat begins to realize that Lithia’s inhabitants are not all of this world. Worst of all, she is falling in love with one of these otherworldly locals, and the friend who hopes to save her has secrets of his own…

As Kat tries to rebuild her life, she is also training for a race that will turn out to be her biggest challenge yet, as she must outrun not only the demons of her past but the demons of the here and now, who threaten her very existence and that of the entire town…

At once a paranormal love story and an environmental allegory, Out of Breath offers an exciting new voice in young adult fiction.

Read the second and third books in the Lithia Trilogy: The Ghost Runner and The Last Mile.

"This series opener blends genre tradition with West Coast environmentalism ... the result feels fresh and original."

"Out of Breath is a well-written novel that will be especially intriguing for Ashlanders or anybody who enjoys visiting the hometown of the Oregon Shakespeare entertaining, fast-paced book."

"The good-and-bad-vampires theme, the dreary and forested environment, and the love triangle between the main protagonists are reminiscent of Twilight, and those who enjoyed that series will love Kat’s innermost thoughts and her difficulty in choosing between Alex and Roman while simultaneously being threatened by both."

"…a fast-paced, clever story with a protagonist who is both tough and sympathetic and with equal measures of the paranormal and the ecological…"

"An eco-friendly, vampire-ridden mystery with a love triangle...a quick read with love of the environment, vampires, and a little mystery."

"In this young adult novel, author Blair Richmond weaves together the seemingly incompatible themes of vampirism (in other words, killing and consuming sentient beings) and veganism (not doing that) in a tale that explores the moral implications of what we eat and how we treat the environment along with the more traditional literary themes of romance, friendship, and the inescapability of one’s past. All this in a compulsively readable story..."

"This book is extremely well-written. I became engaged in this story from the first page...I would definitely recommend this book to readers of YA and mystery books."

"Out of Breath by Blair Richmond is an eerie novel that takes a look at the consequences of our actions and how we cannot right the wrongs of the past, but only strive to change our futures. Readers will enjoy the mix of paranormal, young adult coming of age story, romance, and suspense mixed with a theme of environmental conservation and appreciation."

"You'll find this one a treat because it's much along the lines of a Twilight venue...Blair Richmond is a very strong author. Her style is not only agreeable but engaging, and it has a flow that makes one want to keep digging for answers. I was hooked from the beginning."

"Out of Breath is the first novel in a planned trilogy and features a host of intriguing characters who are mysterious, quirky, and interesting. I found myself fascinated by the added running culture that was intertwined throughout the novel and how it was woven so seamlessly into the plot and into the characters' enjoyable novel."

"Out of Breath is a fast-paced read...a haunting and inspired read...not just another vampire novel."

"This is what I'm looking for in a novel…I truly loved Out of Breath."

Don't miss the second and third books in the trilogy: The Ghost Runner and The Last Mile.

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