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Release date: April 12, 2022
Price: $18.95
Pages: 250
Binding: 5.25 x 8 x .75
ISBN: 978-1-61822-100-1

The third edition of the pioneering book series

Animals speak. But humans are, with few exceptions, ill-equipped to understand them. Fortunately, we have writers.

Writers play the critical role of interpreter, positioned between humans and the billions of nonhuman animals with whom we share this planet. In Among Animals 3, you will meet some of these writers, as well as the animals who inspire them.

The writers of these stories have made the most of their talents in writing about species ranging from dogs and cats to chickens and pigs. In one story, we meet a donkey. In another, a jaguar. In still others: pumas, primates, and myriad birds. We even encounter a species or two not yet formally identified. This collection of stories takes us back in time and into the future; some stories are set in the often unsettling and still-evolving present.

These stories, whether haunting or humorous, realistic or speculative, all challenge us to see what we have tried to avoid seeing. It’s only by looking straight on—and acting upon what we witness—that we can ensure a better future for animals and the planet.

Praise for Among Animals

“Any animal lover or connoisseur of high-quality fiction will appreciate this collection and the artistry of its contributors.”

“Very fine literary fiction.”

The Chattahoochee Review

Among Animals is as provocative as it is urgent, and as accessible as it is emotional.”

Stories & Contributors

The Art of DyingNadja Lubiw-Hazard  
For the AnimalsSetter Brindle Birch  
LiftoffIngrid L. Taylor  
Survival SkillsDiane Lefer  
Flying HomeJoeAnn Hart  
One Trick PonyJ. Bowers
The Pet ProjectHelia S. Rethmann  
Behind the ChokecherryJacquie Vervain  
BrothersCharlene Logan  
Ass of OtrantoMarilyn Moriarty  
The Curious Case of the Cave SalamanderGwen C. Katz  
SeparationJanay Brun  
Brasita de FuegoKipp Wessel  
AvaDenise Rettew  
Last of the Sasquatch WildsJames Edward O'Brien  
Everything That Can Go Wrong with a BodyElisabeth Benjamin  

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