Writing for Animals

The photo of a quokka was taken on Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) are small marsupials that were mistakenly identified by early Europeans as small cats or rats. Today, the quokka is a protected species and a major tourist draw to Rottnest Island. And while a growing number of tourists arrive seeking selfies with these largely docile creatures, often going as far as to feed or pet them, fortunately a dedicated organization of volunteers is working to educate the public and to protect these amazing animals.

Also pictured on the cover is the keyboard of a 1938 Remington Remette portable typewriter.

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Ashland Creek Press is an independent, vegan-owned publisher of eco-literature, which includes books in all genres about animals, the environment, and the planet we all call home. We are passionate about books that foster an appreciation for worlds outside our own, for nature and the animal kingdom, and for the ways in which we all connect.

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