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Kat von Cupcake

About Dana Feagin

Dana Feagin is an oil painter based in Ashland, Oregon, and uses her art to raise money for animal charities. Dana is a board member for Sanctuary One, a volunteer for Friends of the Animal Shelter (FOTAS), and an artist member with HeARTsSpeak—a global community of artists, shelter staff, rescue volunteers, and animal advocates working together to ensure that no shelter animal goes unseen. Dana is also ​a mom to four former shelter dogs and two adopted bunnies.

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About Kat von Cupcake

Kat von Cupcake spent her pre-retirement years working as a San Francisco police officer. During her eight years in the K9 Unit, she realized the extraordinary intelligence and capabilities that animals possess. Her appreciation for animals and desire for the space to expand her understanding and love for other species landed her in Southern Oregon. Now Kat bakes compassionate treats for humans and donates her profits to animal charities, tends to her own herd of rescued critters, and sits on the board of directors for Sanctuary One.

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